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Dental Laser 

Dental laser treatment uses a beam of intense light to correct your dental problems. The energy produced by the laser actually "cuts" away or vaporizes the tissue it is concentrated on. Dental lasers remove bacteria and infection then cleanse the area in preparation for the restoration -- usually in less time and with less irritation than a dental drill.  Laser treatment often means less discomfort, an easier recovery and fewer or shorter appointments than most conventional dental treatments.


Advantages of Dental Laser:

  • There's no "whirling" sound of the drill. 

  • Performed in less time, reducing the length of your appointment.

  • Minimize the discomfort associated with dental surgery, reducing the need for local anesthesia.

  • Less of your healthy tooth structure is removed during dental cavity preparation.

  • The dental laser seals off blood vessels, minimizing the possibility of bleeding gums and eliminating the need for stitches in some cases.

  • Lasers cleanse and serialize the area better, reducing bacteria and other irritants.

  • The possibility of post-surgery complications, including swelling, infection and pain, are significantly reduced.

  • Less post-treatment healing time is required with dental laser surgery.

  • Laser surgery is an excellent option for those who suffer from dental anxiety.

Our office has the latest diode laser , EPIC X innovation,  Diagnodent Pen Laser Caries Detector and the WaterLase iPlus (Hard and soft tissue): The world most advanced dental laser technology! It’s a revolutionary dental tool that uses a combination of laser energy and water to perform a variety of dental procedures without shots or anesthesia. This system can be used in many kinds of dental work – from fixing cavities to preparing teeth for crowns and root canals.


Some common types of dental laser use include but are not limited to:

  • Dental Cavity Detection and treatment -- Sub-surface caries lesions can be extremely difficult to detect using an explorer.  DIAGNOdent pen is a hand-held laser caries detection aid that  provides a high detection accuracy. Waterlase removes tooth decay but can also "cure," or harden, composite resin fillings. 

  • Gum Surgery -- Laser periodontal therapy removes the infection below the gum line and reshapes your gums. This innovative treatment has significantly minimized the recovery period often associated with gum disease treatment.

  • Teeth Whitening -- The Diode Laser offers the fastest in-office whitening procedure available today. Faster than ever, with dramatic shade change in 20 minutes of chair time 

  • Endodontics -- The Diode laser melts away the infection within the tooth's root without the need for drills or files. Lasers also clean the sensitive tubules of the dentin better, removing more bacteria and reducing the possibility of a failed root canal.

  • Dental Abscess -- Dental lasers can be used to open and drain a dental abscess.

  • Biopsy -- Laser surgery has been used to remove small amounts of tissue to check for oral cancer, eliminating the need for knives or invasive surgical procedures.

  • Lesions -- Dental lasers can also remove oral lesions or minimize the discomfort of cold sores and canker sores.

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