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Dental Technology in Our Office

Advancements in new dental technology offer better solutions for traditional oral health problems than ever before.  Dr. Huang utilizes technology to make dentistry as comfortable, durable, efficient and natural-looking as possible.  Patients benefit from newer techniques that are less invasive and more dependable than in the past. Our goal is to provide you with the most current dental services, including the following: 

Digital Photography

Dentists utilizing digital photography can adapt a photograph for a patient so that they can provide them with an idea of what they will look like after a complex dental procedure such as a smile makeover or full mouth reconstruction. This allows patients to work with their dentist to inform them of what they want to look like and what their expectations are.


Intraoral Camera

Intraoral cameras provide dentists with quality imaging that can be used for patient understanding and improved communication. The small lightweight cameras are used to provide clear images of one's mouth and can help in the detection and prevention of oral health problems.

DIAGNOdent and Spectra for Caries detection

Sub-surface caries lesions can be extremely difficult to detect using an explorer, the DIAGNOdent and Spectra offers a perfect adjunct to the diagnostic arsenal.  It is especially useful for pit and fissure areas - even when the outer tooth surface seems to be intact. 

  • Spectra is a non-invasive caries detection aid that helps eliminate the guesswork in detecting and diagnosing tooth decay

  • DIAGNOdent Laser Caries Detector: The DIAGNOdent will show you where the decay lies. It works quickly and reliably. The laser fluorescence detector within the DIAGNOdent pen is a precise method for identifying fissure caries, proximal caries and periodontitis. 

Digital Impression: Intraoral Scanner

Dental digital impression systems capture intraoral scans of a patient’s teeth and gingival tissue to generate a 3D digital model that can be used for CAD/CAM dentistry. These high-tech systems are growing in popularity because they simplify the impression process, increase accuracy, decrease procedure time and enable digital integration with dental laboratories.  Digital impressions eliminate the technique sensitivity and increase patient comfort of not using impression materials, and the 3D digital models they create are highly accurate and detailed. Captured using safe, non-invasive imaging technologies, digital impressions are available for a range of restorative and orthodontic indications. 

Cone Beam /3D X-ray

For dentists performing specialized procedures such as implants, 3-D imaging helps them to view and work on the jawbone or surrounding bone structure to produce more accurate results. Placing dental implants requires a precision touch and the CAT Scans provide dentists accurate imaging of where to place the restorative devices.


Dental Implants

Dental implants are perhaps the leading dental technology advancement because of their fit and function as replacements of a tooth root. The implants integrate with the jaw bone and the procedure can be done in almost any adult who needs missing teeth replaced. 


Laser Dentistry

The benefit of the waterlase in our office is that it offers a much less invasive alternative to many procedures. The light energy that is emitted from lasers results in a shortened and almost painless healing period. This option is commonly available for the treatment of benign tumors, cold sores, crown lengthening, decay removal, gummy smile changes, dental fillings, tongue tie and speech impediment improvements, nerve regeneration for damaged nerves and blood vessels and scars, certain conditions related to sleep apnea, TMJ and tooth sensitivity.

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